There are two versions to the story of how Lucy got her name: One has her sister Jessica, upon picking up the conversation between her parents about what name to give their new-born daughter while sitting at the "Juicy Lucy" Restaurant, suggesting: "Why don't we just call her "Juicy Lucy"" -- a version to which a rebellious spirit with a gift to tease her parasite sister can readily be reconciled. However, the story I remember being told by the parents -- and which rather reflects the emotions of a gifted & talented young artist -- has Jessica, upon hearing the song "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" one day, saying: "Why don't we name her "Lucy in the sky with diamonds"?"

       By the time Lucy was born I became the babysitter for her and her sisters. The day she turned three the two of us sat at the table in the garden. A huge birthday cream cake was placed on the table. I was feeding her some cake when her mum came from the kitchen saying: "Don't feed her so much, she's already putting on so much weight!". Lucy looked at me, opened her mouth and I kept on feeding her.

       The following morning we went to "the lake", which also meant going to the playground. Before we went I asked her if she didn't have to get dressed first. She said: "No, I am dressed, this is my new suit!". Well, I believed her, not knowing that it really was her pyjama.

       On our way to the lake she told me that she mustn't say: "fffff.....!" I thought to myself, "well, surely she can't mean that word". After a short while she told me again: "I mustn't say 'fffff.....!" Since there was still no response from me she asked me: "Do you want to know the word?" Being curious now I said: "Yes." and she came out pronouncing the word "fuck" exactly the way she'd learnt it from her father.

       Some other time she was using a swear word again. I asked her: "What was that?" to which she replied: "Yes, I know it's a swearword, but my daddy's not here!" One of the words she invented and which she's using often while kicking my rib case with her arm is: "chamana".

       She always had her way with words and I thought that one day she would become a good letter writer, which she really is now. In those days she would tell us in a low voice: "I want to be a Jazzsinger!" She became a rebel instead, and I am quite fond of her attitude to life. She`s a real wise crack.

       When she was 15 she decided she needed her own freedom and asked to be admitted to a local boarding school. Meanwhile, I guess, she found out it was just a change from one "prison" to another.

       "On Thursday, 2001 June 21, a total eclipse of the Sun will be visible from within a narrow corridor which traverses the Southern Hemisphere. The path of the Moon's umbral shadow begins in the South Atlantic and crosses southern Africa, and Madagascar and ends at sunset in the Indian Ocean. A partial eclipse will be seen within the much broader path of the Moon's penumbral shadow, which includes eastern South America and most of Africa (excluding north Africa)."

       Well, which young girl would not love to see this event. By the time it took place she was in school and the teachers were not allowing their pupils out to watch the eclipse. That wouldn't matter to her. If it came to a decision of what was right or wrong she would find her own way of handling the situation. But one can't let this occasion go by without having been one of the many people who would have had the chance to see this. With her stubborn and at the same time inquiring mind she went against her teachers express wishes and did what we were allowed to do as part of our physic lessons many years back: To watch the total eclipse of the sun.
When I heard the story I just laughed and said that she was right to have gone against her teachers wishes to stay in class.
If one would confront her with the consequences of her behaviour she would simply reply: "That's fate!"

       Another one of her favorite lifestyles is to spend New Year's Eves at exotic places: 1999/2000 in Poland, 2000/2001 in Berlin.

       When her gran died Lucy wrote a poem for her, an ode, and wanted to read it from the pulpit, a spontanious celebration of creativity. But the catholic church is not known for its spontaneity and so her request was declined. Lucy will go far and will probably be even famous, moon sign of Strength.
... her father wrote to me.

       Her favorite artist is Alanis Morissette.


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