Step 1:   Select the amazon country of the WishList ID:

Step 2:   Enter a valid WishList ID: (the default settings use

   i.e. 3K6QU03M76W9R for

Step 3:   Enter your Associate ID: (the default settings use

  i.e. downinthefloo-20 for

Step 4:   Select a sort parameter: (the default sort parameter is Date Added)

Step 5:   if you know that the WisthList has more than one page you can
               select a different page number: (the default page number is 1)

Step 6:   Select on which side of the table you wish to display the images (the default side is right)

left   right

Step 7:   Select the cross-domain (the default domain is

Step 8:   Select a slot; there are 26 slots per domain. (the default slot numer is 00)

Step 9:   Preview the Result of your Selections:

Step 10:   Grab the code:

   (with Firefox-, Opera- & Safari-Browsers you still need to right-click and copy once the field is highlighted)

Got a problem? reload default settings   -   Learn how to use your own CSS Stylesheet with the Wishlist Widget